Framepool offers nearly 10.000 Newsreels and we are getting more every day. History was never so close. Newsreels gives you the opportunity to get the authentic feel of the certain era.

Search for Newsreel Stock Footage

Searching for newsreel? We've got a huge collection of newsreel stock footage. For every epoch from 1900 till the 1970s there is a newsreel that covers the most important topics of the time.

Instant Stock Footage Licensing

Your ideal video clip is just a few clicks away… Framepool offers simple and fast licensing and download of all available Cineflex aerial stock footage.

  • Find – Online & Offline Research
  • Buy – 24/7 Online licensing
  • Use – Customized Download

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History in Newsreels

Before TVs were invented over years history was captured on newsreels. Now you can get easy access to a huge collection of newsreels from different sources.

Frampool Stock Footage Library

Leverage one of the world's largest stock footage archives for your individual video project. Framepool offers more than 600,000 shots for online research and immediate download. Premium footage from more than 700 filmmakers, producers, TV channels and news agencies – including Agence France-Presse (AFP), ORF, Studio Hamburg DocLights, National Film Board of Canada and many more. All you have to do is search, find and license – your perfect shot is just a simple click away.

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Framepool Blog – Passion for Film

Inspiration and news – that’s the mission of Framepool’s corporate blog. Join us and discover new content, industry insights and simply nice video trailers…

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Footagebase The Footage Wiki

The Wiki project „Footagebase“ collects relevant information about how to shoot great footage. What kind of locations are worth being captured on film and which are the most promising perspectives. The site lists different camera types and video technologies and gives an overview about useful companies in the stock footage industry. The project just started – feel free to contribute!

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